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This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. People do not understand that mental illnesses, such as depression, are actual chemical imbalances in your body. They are not brought on by choice. My dad was diagnosed with depression. He was so ashamed of it that he hid it from me and my brothers. A month later, he killed himself. The stigma that comes with mental illness made my Dad embarrassed to talk to his own kids about this problem because he felt like less of a man.

Erase the stigma. The more we talk about mental illness, the less likely it will end in suicide.

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I can’t even express how much i love this, and I wish everyone at my school could see this. because I am so tired of being judged for something i can’t control.

this is simply amazing.

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acesbabe16 asked:

“No Escape”


♕— She was in trouble— running from a rather large group of marines yet again! Then again it wasn’t exactly her fault— the moment the sunny docked she was bound to be trouble and her crew knew it.

Ace was here— on this very island and ever since the rubber captain found out she’d been bouncing off the walls. So one could only imagine the amount of pure happiness that was surging threw her when they were approaching.

Luffy had shot off the very instant they were close enough to land— not bothering to wait for anything nor anyone. Hell it had been nearly two years since she last saw him. She just wasn’t excepting this many marines to chance her around.

Ducking into an alleyway she watched the group run past none of them even bothering to look into the ally for the female. She was in trouble loads of trouble— even more if Ace or the crew found out…

Giving a loud sigh she hung her head, only to feel arms wrapped securely around her waist. Brown eyes widened as a hush voice ran in her ear, normally the owner of said voice would have been meet with a fist, but since she knew the voice the rubber female smiled.

Oi! What makes you think I wanna go anywhere?

A wide grin laced Ace’s lips as he heard her words. “I see you met with the marines. Will you ever change, Luffy?” A soft chuckle runs over her neck as Ace’s lips move closer to her skin. It had been far to long since he saw her last. He thought he’d make their first meeting after two years something worth remembering. He turned the smaller girl around and planted his lips firmly on hers.

Things seemed to melt away as Luffy’s lips touched his. He missed her like crazy and wanted nothing more then to just hold her close. “Think you can stay out of trouble if we find a more comfortable place to be?” He was used to dark alleyways as hiding spots, but he definitely didn’t want to be in such a place when he had Luffy in his arms.  

{|| Family ||}





Lawka curled up in the blankets, watching Ace with an half-open eye tiredly, but with a small smile. The toddler chuckled, his laugh filling the whole room with brightness. He stretched his small hands out, up to the grinning face of his dad, until he touched his freckled cheeks. He looked a lot like him.. just the eyes were from his mother, this calm, gray tone. 

"Those eyes." He murmurs as his fingers trace over his cheek. The freckles were a perfect match. "Hm. You can go to sleep babe." Ace looks over at Lawka and grins. "I have him."

"Alright.. just don’t do anything stupid with him… and don’t hand him to Luffy…" She yawned and closed her eyes, falling asleep soon after, snuggled up in her blanket.

Silver’s whole hand grabbed one of Ace’s fingers, nibbling on it as he looked up to him.

"Cutie. I can’t believe you’re mine…. you are way to sweet." He mutters happily to his son before kissing his forehead. "Heh, well you’re mine and I’ll protect you and your mother. I promise." His free fingers gently stroke his sons cheek, making the boys eyes wander to the side. He giggled in response to his father.

Modern AU



"It could have been better." Anya chirped back at him, her hair was a bit of a mess and she still had her pj’s on. Her undies and an oversized tee. "Mom said you are coming over for supper? I hope so. I want to see you." She yawns as Bepo curls into her lap. "Bepo does too." She giggles as she pets the fluff ball in habiting her lap.

"Yeah I’m on my way already, Rayleigh told me there was no problem about me going back to work. So see ya soon babe and don’t wear the ribbon panties ok?" snockered the redhead he knew she hated to be remembered about that incident before they were a couple.

Anya blushed as she looked down to see that very pattern on her panties as she spoke to him. “And what if I do?” She huffs as her cheeks start burning bright pink. She was sure he knew she had them on by her response, he probably knew her cheeks were burning too.

acesbabe16 asked:

"Kid... what's that on your arm?" Anya cocked her head to the side. It looked like one of the things her parents had. A tat.... tattoo? "It looks like you a bit. If you put your goggles on." The nine year old smiles brightly at the redhead.




Kid frowned “It’s my jolly roger baka!” he gave a slight punch to the little girl

"Ep… K-kid?" Her arms quickly clung to him as she buried her face in his chest. "Where were you? I was so worried and scared." She blubbered into his shoulder as her hands held tight to his back. "What happened to you? Why are you bruised up for?"

"OUCH!!" her hug hurt him a bit…well a lot. "I’m ok just had a few bad rounds can you please not hug me so tightly? please?" anwered the boy…he wasn’t about to tell her that again her grandfather had send people to beat him up.

"E-eh? S-sorry Kid." She loosened her grip on him but kept him close to her. "I’m sorry." She blushed a bit as she kissed the closest part of him to her. The curve of is neck and chin were met with the soft embrace of her lips. "I missed you, Kid…." She whimpers lowly.

Red Wolf



Anya nodded her head and went back to eating. ‘So he doesn’t have parents either?’ Her eyes looked over to him a few times and she wondered if he understood how close their faces were… he made her stomach knot up. “Thank you.” She murmurs as she looks over at a window. It seemed lonely without Bepo, but he was a wolf pup. She would have to give him back to Kid or let him go eventually. Better he was with a wolf.

Kid then detected something out the window…a rustle…really quietly, the man stood up fast and then oppened the door… grunting and sniffing the air he knew that scensse it was a member of his pack the youngest one…. “Bepo” Kid grunted while the white pup crounched and tried to hide fromthe other’s gaze, lifting him by the scruff of his neck Kid glared at the bear “told you to no come!!!” snarled the man the pup just whimpered, hidding his tail in between his hindlegs and looking at Kid.

"H-hey, Kid? Everything okay?" Anya walked over to him. "B-bepo?" She sounded as surprised as she looked. Her eyes ran to Kid and she noticed the snarling expression he wore. "Kid, what are you doing?" She was afraid to touch him, fear of how he would react. He seemed ready to attack at a moments notice. "Can I pet him?" She looked almost pleadingly at him.

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